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Vision: To have a built human capacity developed community, skilled financially youth, businessmen and women and to raise entrepreneurs in society.

Mission: To passionately empower people in our community, through our awesome rewarding educational programs and through entrepreneurial aids for gaining financial freedom.

Goal: To provide public benefit, to promote accredited education and knowledge, and pioneering institutions making higher education available and accessible to the underprivileged.



Greenland Technical School Zambia (GTSZambia) is growing gradually upholding the spirits of its oath “Changing Lives, Impacting Lives, Fulfilling Destiny” in order to contribute to the progress of the business and Technological Fields in Zambia.

GTSZambia brand eventually conveys the following five strategic values:

  1. Excellence in well-rounded education
  2. Focus on Quality and Relevance
  3. Educational Accessibility & Inclusiveness
  4. Excellent learning and teaching environment
  5. Educational Outreach & Empowerment

Thus, Changing Lives, Impacting lives and Fulfilling Destiny!

Commitment: Committed to prepare competent and compassionate leaders in the all areas of education  in a well-designed and quality learning environment.