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Auther: Admin ~ 2020-08-09 00:00:00

Online Short Courses Starting September 2020!

The Greenland Technical University Hereby Invites the general public to apply for the free e Learning programmes which are meant as a tool to solve the pressure faced by higher learning institutions due to COVID-19. This is in line with the University Outreach and Engagement (UOE) at GTUZambia which facilitates projects and initiatives that are both rooted in and responsive to the needs of specific communities, especially those underserved in terms of access to economic and cultural resources. Rather than working in isolation, these initiatives seek to draw on and bring together the collective strengths of existing programs and organizations to create an even greater impact in the communities they serve. Below are three examples of "places" in which UOE is able to serve as a nexus, connecting the strengths of the University with the strengths of the community. Capacity Building to Community through Higher Education Partnership This partnership leverages the scientific resources of several academic partners with the local knowledge resources of residents to create action that helps realize the vision of GTUZambia Comprehensive Master Plan . GTUZambia-community projects—including the Photovoice project; What is Hunger; One Day, One World; Spot on Autism; and Dancing Computers—are helping to fulfill the Arts and Culture part of the Master Plan. Community Action Group The University also intends to initiate a Community Action Group, which is a network to support street kids’ back to school, this network is also undertakes efforts to eliminate violence in neighborhoods including the breaking of codes of silence.